Welcome to my website and the enchanted waterworld that is the settings of my stories. To the thousands who annually enjoy a holiday afloat on the Broads, these beautiful, tranquil waters might seem an unlikely setting for “dastardly deeds”. But they do have another side: wild, remote, even desolate at times. In such an environment, strange things can happen… and do, including murder.

If you’re planning a holiday here, don’t let this concern you. The Broads are well policed, both by a special unit of the Norfolk Constabulary and Navigation Rangers. Many of the latter have police backgrounds and Jack Fellows, the sleuth in my stories, is one such officer. Before becoming a ranger, he served in the Metropolitan Police, both in Thames Division and Scotland Yard. Jack regards patrolling the Broads as the perfect job, yet finds it impossible to divest himself totally of his old police instincts. He believes in truth and justice and is a terrier when it comes to sussing out both. His wife Audrey wishes he could leave such worries to others, and realises just as quickly that he never will.

I hope you’ll buy my books and join Jack as he patrols the Broads. Along the way, amongst the marshes, windmills and boatyards, you’ll meet many of the characters who still live and work here, and learn something of the history of this picturesque and singularly unique part of the world.

And you might even solve a murder.